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You Only Need A Handful

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I have been involved I network marketing for almost ten months. In the brief amount of time, I have learned a lot about many things; such as, building an online business.

One thing I learned to do is to recognize the leaders and the serious business builders from those who are not serious. Although the signs of the non-serious folks won’t show for months, most will quickly disappear within the first three months of joining a business.

Often, people will join a business because they believe they can make a lot of money in a reasonably short amount of time. These people have unrealistic goals and dreams. Most times, if you are new to owning a business and you have little to no marketing or sells skills, you will more than likely not see much money, or any money for that matter, for the first three to five years of starting a business.

Although three to five years sounds like a lot of time, think of it this way, if you decide to work hard for three to five years, within that time span, you could have a successful business.

Consider the amount of time it takes to go to college. One usually goes to college to learn some skills so that when he or she graduates, he or she can get a good paying job. It takes about four to five years to get a college education. This is similar to the approach of building a business. You take three to five years to build a business, learn some new skills and gain some experience. Once you have the skills and experience under your belt, you could also have a very successful business. I think this is a much better outcome than having to spend the next twenty, thirty, forty years working at a job, only to retire on a fixed income. Can you imagine living on a fixed income these days? The gas, food, and utilities keep going up, except your income. Not me. I would prefer to take the three to five year route and live a life of plenty.

But, most people are used to the immediate gratifications that come in the form of a paycheck. Therefore, when individuals, who are used to working for someone else, go looking for a home business opportunity, they usually expect the same outcome as a job. They want to get paid immediately.

It took me a while to understand the difference between working at a job versus working for you. There were many days, weeks, and months that I would be angry because I felt I was not making any progress in my business. I was not seeing the rewards of my hard work. But I was making progress in my business, I just didn’t know it. How you may ask? I was learning how to market. I was learning how to sell. I was learning how to become a better communicator. Today, when I look back to when I first started my business and compare those early days to the present, it is like night and day. What I was not receiving monetarily, I was receiving in the form of business skills and experience in building a business.

My point is, you will get more people who are not serious about building a business. They really want the rewards in the form of wealth and freedom. When you see that you are getting more non-serious people than serious, realize that this is only part of the business building process. More people will join your business and quit than will remain. This is because most people looking to start a home business still have that employee mindset; the need for the immediate gratification in the form of a monetary reward. It may take time, but many of these individuals will either discover that their approach to having a business is all wrong and correct it, like I did or they will quit and return to their jobs and remain employees for much of the remainder of their lives. Let them make their choice. All you have to do is present them the opportunity and show them how to build a business. You cannot make it happen for them and it is not your job to do so. It is theirs.

Once you accept this as inevitable, then you won’t be as disappointed. I learned to accept this as just part of the business process. I also found that I enjoy more working with people who are serious, hard-working, and excited about their business. I do not enjoy working with people that need to be constantly forced to do what they should already be doing to build their business.
Here is some news to get excited about. To become successful in a home business, you only need a handful of serious individuals. That is right. You only need a handful. Here is what I discovered a few years back. Herbalife International, which is a home business opportunity I was affiliated with for almost four years, had tons of people join only to quit. In fact, more people quit than remained with the business. But despite this, Herbalife International still went on to become a multi-billion dollar company and do you know how? Just four individuals helped this company to become the company it is today; just four. Wouldn’t you want those four individuals working for you? I would.

Therefore, instead of wasting time and emotion trying to get people motivated about building their business, focus more on looking for leaders or serious business builders. When you find them, work with them. Build a good working relationship with them for these are the individuals that will help you build your business. Remember, you only need a handful of leaders and business builders to reach your goal of establishing a successful home business.


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