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Your Growth Determines the Success of Your Business

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The topic of my article today is going to cover the subject of growth in business. I decided to focus on this topic because recently the subject came up during one of Purple Cowboy Marketing’s live trainings. One of the leaders within the company made the following profound statement; “If you don’t grow, your business won’t grow.” When she made this comment, I immediately thought to myself, “This is exactly what I have been trying to tell people for a while.” In fact, it was Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker, I had the opportunity to see, who stated that when one first starts a business, he or she should first focus on developing their skills before focusing on developing their business. You see, in order for your business to grow, you first must grow.

Why is your growth the determining factor in the having success in your business? Well, first of all, one must have some skills. I believe I may have discussed this in one of my articles before. The importance of skills; such as, sells, marketing and effective communication are necessary in business.

How is one to acquire these skills? For most of us, we certainly will not learn them in school, nor will we learn them at a job. Often, it is not until we start a business that one begins to go through the process where we begin to understand the need for skills. Is it possible to become successful without these skills? Yes. But, more than likely, there are probably another set of skills that are required; such as, understanding keywords, meta tags, and search engine optimization, to get your website ranked high on the engines so that your website can receive more visitors. In any case, one needs skills at doing some kind of action in order to have their business reach some level of success.

The unfortunate aspect of all of this is that many people will never recognize that their inability to achieve success in business is not the product, the service or the business itself, but their own lack of knowledge and skills. The process of building a business is very difficult. There will be some successes along the way, but in the early stages, there will be more mistakes and even failures. But, mistakes and failures are typical during any learning process. Take for example the process of learning how to ride a bike. When you first started to learn how to ride a bike, didn’t you fall a lot more in the beginning? As you got better, there were less falls. After a little while longer, there were just the occasional falls, probably from you trying to do something crazy.

Unless you have inner strength to endure the pains and sufferings that come with trying to build a business, you will not achieve success. Most people new to owning a business quit during their struggles and never return to attempting another business.

The employee mind-set is used to immediate gratification, which is the paycheck. When starting a business, there may not be any income for a while. People new to owning a business do not understand this and are not willing to go without getting paid. But, this is part of the process of growth and development of you as well as the business. Often one will not see the benefits of their hard work for quite a while. Of course, I believe they are there. Usually the benefits will come in the form of your improvement in the areas of your knowledge and skills. But they may be so small that one will not recognize them. We tend to neglect the small things and only notice the significant things in life. One will not reap the rewards until the skills in managing and developing a business are in place. For some the learning curve of building a business is very short and direct, but for many others the learning curve is very steep and high. But, no matter what learning curve we may encounter, by keeping in action while continuing to learn along the way, whatever mistakes or failures occur along the way, are only ways to indicate what we are doing wrong in our business. By learning from them, the next time we encounter a situation that brought us disaster in the past, we then know not to do it again and we are thus forced to come up with an alternative solution. I like to think of mistakes and failures as stepping stones that lead to success. We remember the last stone that caused us to fall. The next time we come across that stone, we hopefully have learned to go around it. In doing so, we are a little further ahead than we were last time.

In conclusion, developing a business is a process and it s a process that can be very challenging. But, no matter what challenges are presented to us, we must face them willingly and be open to learning from them, for they are our teachers. Recognize also that success in business requires growth in our ability to find solutions to problems. The more quickly and skillfully we can fix the problems the faster we can move forward to success. Once we have attained the necessary knowledge and skills in business, there is not much that we can’t do that will prevent us from reaching any goal we have set for ourselves.


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Scott OBrien said...

You quoted a phrase "The process of building a business is very difficult..." and I couldn't agree more... but as we grow, it makes me wonder... is it really difficult or is it pretty easy if we just know what we are doing or what to do.
Great Post!
Scott OBrien - Google Me

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Jeff Bode said...

I agree you must continue to learn more to improve your business.

Without this knowledge you may not have the necessary skills for your business to really grow.

Great Post