Saturday, April 19, 2008

When Your Job Matters to You More than Your Health

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This week I had trouble coming up with a topic for my blog. I have been hampered by an illness that no doctor thus far has been able to explain and cure. I have an appointment on Monday, April 21st, to see an ENT doctor. For those who don’t know what an ENT doctor is, he or she is a doctor who specializes in ear, nose and throat.

So far, I have been to a general practitioner and a neurologist. I have had x-rays, blood tests, and a MRI done and no one has been able to help me with my condition. What is my condition? I have been extremely dizzy and light-headed going on 4 weeks now.

At first, the dizzy spells were occasional. But, last Monday it lasted the whole day and continued on through Tuesday. It was on Tuesday that I decided to leave work early, around noon, and go see a doctor. The doctor gave me a prescription and told me to just rest; not to go back to the work.

I was not able to return to work until that following Monday. During my time out from work, do you know what I was thinking and stressing out about? I was thinking that if I don’t go back to work soon, I may get fired. The other thing that kept crossing my mind was whether I had enough sick time to take off and if I didn’t, how much of my vacation time I would have to use. I mean I was more concerned about the possible problems and situations at my job than I was about my health. How stupid was this?

But, my experiences with working for corporations have not been positive ones. I have seen employees fired or laid off due to long illnesses. In fact, one of my best friends, who had just gone into remission for breast cancer, was having some health problems with her stamina and her sister was also just diagnosed with breast cancer. My best friend wanted to spend some time with her sister to help her through this difficult period. When she asked to work part-time, her company laid her off and in order for her to receive her severance package; she had to sign some papers stating that she would not sue them.

I have also had my battles with management over sick and vacation time. When I look back at the benefits I used to have versus what I am getting today, there has been a substantial decrease in what companies give today for benefits. I recognize that there are still companies who are generous with their employee benefits packages, but somehow I have not been fortunate to work for these companies. I keep working for the stingy, greedy companies who watch everything you do.

I have discussed in the past about how important it is to have a strong “why” while building your business. Your “why” is what is going to pull you through the difficult times. Well, based on what I have just explained to you, I would hope you can guess what my “why” is. If you can’t, then let me tell you. My “why” for wanting a business of my own is I can no longer endure the pain, suffering and stress, as well as the unfair practices of a company. When you start to worry more about the job than you do about your health, something is definitely wrong with your thinking, not to mention, your priorities.

Anytime, I start to feel compelled to get lazy with my business or if I even consider the thought of giving up on my dreams of owning a very successful business, I am usually slapped with the realization of how much I hate working for corporations. I recognize that I can no longer endure working for someone else anymore. I have put in more than twenty years of my life towards making other people wealthy. It is time for me to leave the life of an employee and begin a new life as a business owner. After all, I know that I can and will do more for me and my family than any company can or will.

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