Saturday, October 25, 2008

In Failing Comes Success

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My first year in a home business, I was taught to put out fliers, make a list and talk to my warm market, as well as place advertisements in newspapers, which at times, cost me anywhere between $300-$500 dollars and more for a 30 day ad, that most times lead me nowhere but broke. I failed at my first business, but I don't entirely place the blame on the company, which was Herbalife. I did learn much about business during my 4 years as an Herbalife distributor.

My sponsor taught me my marketing methods. I am sure he taught me the marketing methods that his sponsor taught him. Although the marketing methods taught were not effective, I did learn other important aspects of building a business; such as setting goals, creating a marketing plan and tracking the marketing methods to determine their effectiveness, and much more.

Five years later, I have since learned more about marketing and about building a business. I now understand the importance of connecting with people and establishing relationships with people. I have brought in many people into my business, and I was told that this was a feat in itself because so often, many people find little success in recruiting business associates.

The point I am trying to make is this. Many people you bring in will drop out. This is the nature of the beast within network marketing. Building a successful business requires work. As leaders, we can only inspire those we bring into our business, but ultimately, the self-discipline, self motivation, and work ethic must come from within each of us as well as the individuals we recruit into our business opportunity.

Tracy Biller, a very successful network marketer who has written many articles and offers CD trainings on building a network marketing business, states that we should not get emotionally attached to our business, which, I realize is hard to put into practice, but is a must if we are to survive the ups and downs of the business building process.

I have personally discussed this very topic with members in my downline. It is not worth your time to get upset because someone dropped out or because one of the members in your downline is not following instructions or doing the work. Instead, when you encounter disappointing situations in your business, focus on the other aspects of building your business. You should be communicating with people and sharing your business products and/or services with as many people as you can. The internet makes this easy, but it should not be a tool you should totally rely on. Continue to focus on filling your pipeline with fresh new prospects. This way, despite the fact that you may be losing people, new people will continue to join your business, thus your business will continue to grow.

This also raises another issue; and I may have mentioned this in the past in one of my previous posts, the people you bring into your business should be business builders, meaning other network marketers. It is ok to have people who are just interested in your products and/or services; customers are always important. But, if you bring in people who are business seekers or have never had any interest in having a business but joined your business out of curiosity, then be realistic. Accept the HIGH possibility that these folks, will drop off your radar at some point and when he or she does, move on. This is business and therefore disappointments should be expected.

Lastly, if you are one who is not willing to do the work and if you find yourself easily discouraged by the problems you encounter during your business building process; such that you periodically stop engaging in activities to help your business grow, then when you fail, you should not be surprised. Placing the blame on the company or the individuals within the company is not going to help you achieve success anywhere. Accusing a company of being a scam is not going to help your cause, whatever that is, either.

Although I am still learning much about building a business and probably will be learning and growing for as long as I remain an entrepreneur, one thing is certain. This is my business; therefore I, as a business owner, must accept the results of my actions or lack there of and, since you too are business owners, the same holds true for you.

Owning a business is not easy. If it were, many more people would be starting their own business, but luckily, they are not. I say luckily because the fact that we are engaged in the activities of building a business makes us rare. Instead of following the path most traveled, we, as business builders, have chosen to create our own path; most rare indeed.

So, be proud and show that you are proud by sharing your business with as many people as you can. Stay motivated, be self-disciplined and do the work. No matter how difficult times may get, keep in mind that the "brick walls are there for a reason. They are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough."


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