Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Do You Consider To Be A Quality Life?

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Everyone has an opinion on the topic of quality of life. For some, it is the simple things that life has to offer. For others, the subject of quality of life is much more complicated.

When I first embarked into the realm of entrepreneurship, I was seeking freedom. I wanted freedom from the demands of a job. For me the demands of a job constituted driving , to and from work in traffic, getting up early for work, dealing with deadlines, managers, coworkers, the disappearance of benefits like sick and vacation time, less time with my family, and of course now, the realities of downsizing, and the list goes on.

When I looked at my life and realized how much my career was consuming my personal time, in essence, my life, I knew something had to change. Thus, began my adventure into securing a quality life; one that offered more freedom.

During my journey into developing a successful business, my definition of a quality of life grew to include other factors. My definition of quality went from being simple, to being more complicated. The word “freedom” no longer just included leaving my job, but freedom now meant financial freedom, freedom from debt, freedom to live anywhere, freedom to travel, freedom to make more choices.

Besides the change in my meaning of quality of life, my dreams got bigger. The cause of my bigger dreams possibly stem from hearing of other successful people’s rags to riches stories. But, I think the biggest contribution to my bigger dreams is my belief in myself grew. My path to developing a successful business caused a change in me I did not expect. First other people started to notice this change, and then I started to notice this change in me.

I guess it is not surprising that this change started to take place. Often when one decides to begin a new life, it is hard to avoid the forces that begin to affect one’s life and inevitably cause a change in one’s thinking and in one’s abilities. Learning from life’s experiences causes one to grow which, in turn, contributes to one’s evolution to become a new person.

There have been bumps and bruises along this path towards freedom, but the pains that I have suffered along the way are what has brought about the changes in me and in time will help lead me to having a successful business. As long as I learn from my mistakes and failures, I will grow. The path to success is rarely easy. This is why most people choose to take the easier, more traveled path in life.

But the easier, more traveled path in life is not for me. Psychologically, I am no longer employable. This is part of what has changed me. My eyes have opened to the realities of what exists in the world of the employee. This world can no longer offer me happiness because it is not one that offers freedom. I want freedom and freedom to me is where quality of life begins.


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