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Rumors in Network Marketing

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Network marketing is more commonly known as multi-level marketing or word of mouth marketing. Network marketing has helped spawn many of today’s most successful companies; such as, Mary Kay, Herbalife, and Avon, to name a few.

Many people have a negative attitude towards network marketing business opportunities; which is ironic because many of these individuals have not participated in any of these business opportunities. Their attitudes often stem from word of mouth or from bad advertising. The truth of the matter is, network marketing, multi-level marketing, or whatever name you want to refer them to, have made many people wealthy. In fact, there have been more millionaires generated from home-based businesses than any other business.

When people, who have never owned a business, decide to start a network marketing business, their views about the wealth and benefits of owning a home business are usually unrealistic. Often, the views stem from the promises they heard from other members within the home business that interest them or from people they have encountered in their research for a company to join. The home-based business industry purposely makes such promises to entice individuals to join the business opportunity. There are promises of making thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks or even months. Of course such promises are going to arouse interest in many people, but when the results fall short, people become discouraged and either quit, never to return to owning a business or they move on to another business opportunity with hopes of wealth and freedom.

Such story-telling on the part of the home-business participants cause the rumors and contribute to the high failure rate of home-businesses. It is because of such marketing ploys, on the part of these bad practices of the men and women who are members in the business opportunity, that people in search of a home business should approach any business opportunity with caution. Yes, you can make a lot of money and in many instances become millionaires, but it won’t happen overnight and it will take a lot of hard work. This is why I suggest that if you are looking for a network marketing or multi-level marketing business to join, that you look for certain criteria and based on these criteria, if the business opportunities meet the criteria, then that should be the business of choice. In other words, don’t just look at the money that you can make. If the criteria are met and you benefit from them, the money will come.

What criteria am I talking about? I am referring to training and mentoring. If the opportunity offers these and you have seen that this is provided by the company, then this is a company that you should consider joining. Of course continue to do your due diligence and look to see whether the company is legitimate. If it is not legitimate and you see too many bad marks against the company based on your research, of course don’t join.

Why is training and mentoring so important? It isn’t so much if you already possess skills in selling, marketing and communication as well as some experience in managing a business. If you already have these skills in place, then it really won’t matter which business you join, as long as it is legitimate, there is the possibility of success for you.

The folks I am referring to who need to look for a home business that offers training and mentoring, are those who have never owned a business and who have little to no skills in selling, marketing, and communication.

First, you need a marketing plan. Well, the good thing is, most network marketing businesses have this in place. Another thing you need is a product or a service to market. Well, most if not all home businesses do offer a service or a product. What about effective communication? This is something some home-based businesses may not have in place. This will have to come through by way of training and/or mentoring. Knowing how to talk to people about your service or product is a skill that must be in place. Effectively communicating can be learned with practice and you will learn the right way if you have someone who is willing to work with you.

Home-based businesses are no different than any other business. They do require hard work; especially in the early stages of development. But the process of building a business also requires the business owner to develop his or her skills. Experience is also a necessity to have in owning a business, but this can only be acquired while in the process of developing a business.

Success in business is a process and because it is a process it will take time to reach success. This is why when looking for a business opportunity to join, that you don’t get caught up in the hype and promises you hear. Pay particular attention to the businesses that offer trainings and mentoring. The only way you will learn about owning a business is through the trainings and mentoring. If there is none, move on. You can achieve success in a home-business if you have the skills. Don’t let bad information or rumors prevent you from joining a home business. It is only through one’s own personal experience that the facts begin to surface.

Network marketing and multi-level marketing businesses can change one’s life for the better. Why give up on your dreams of a better lifestyle just because of poor word of mouth. Choose a home business that is right for you; something that you think you will enjoy, but make sure that, if you need some skills and knowledge, you choose one that will mentor and train you. The money will come once you have the skills in place.


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