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Veretekk: Leads Generating System

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This week I have spent a lot of time training others on some of the different online marketing techniques; such as, forum posting, blogging, and using Veretekk.

Since I spent most of my time this week helping people with setting up their Veretekk accounts, I am going to focus the topic of this blog on Veretekk.

What Is Veretekk?

Veretekk is a fully integrated suite of cutting edge, state of the art, marketing tool for online success.

This is a top of the line marketing automation that is easy to use, easy to afford, and easy to implement. Veretekk also provides live support and expert trainings 5-10 times per week. Veretekk leads the industry in marketing automation and provides instant productivity and control for thousands of marketers.

The purpose of Veretekk system is the unique traffic, lead generating site. These sites intelligently promote themselves. The push button systems make it easy to turn them on and set them loose one by one.

You can setup each portal to have a different set of sequential autoreponders that start mailing when the lead verifies your email address. The system fully integrates with Intekk’s Veretrap systems. What this means is that Veretrap subscribers can automatically choose to have their leads automatically enrolled into Veretrap’s tag root automated recruiting system.

Lead Generation Web Sites:

Known as Traffic Portals, Veretekk was invented in 1996. Traffic Portals attract entrepreneurial minded professionals who want to do business with you.

Veretekk hosts all of your Traffic Portals and each Traffic Portal is its own unique domain address (makes it easy to get them in the search engines).


It is the most powerful Ad submission system in the world. You get to give it away for FREE!

Give away free ads for life. This site has better quality leads than the other FFA leads systems; such as, Links2u, FFAnet, etc. You also give this away for free.

This is an extremely viral tool that allows you to generate massive leads directly, as well as, indirectly by giving away additional etracking search engines.


You get your own FFA system. The FFAFarm is the oldest FFA system on the internet. You can promote this but it already brings in a large number of leads. The FFAFarm is a permanent LINK exchange. One post equals millions of links with verification.

Lead Generation:

With the unique Traffic Portals, you are assured of attaining the best, unique, exclusive lead data.


All data, traffic and search engine rankings for each Traffic Portal is fully verified and verifiable. The system fully accounts for every action you ake outside of the system or on other sites. You control the reports.

Traffic Initiation:

Once you activate the full portfolio of marketing and promotion tools for each portal, the traffic and leads start rolling in. Just push a few buttons and you are on your way.

Custom Configuration:

Each one of your traffic portals has its own unique domain name. You can edit the Title, Meta Tags, Hidden copy and text, links, photos, and look at each one of your portals.

How I am Using the Veretekk System?

I have setup my Vertekk account and I am utilizing a schedule to help me bring in leads into my Veretekk system. I have created about eight letters that point to my Purple Cowboy Website. I collect my leads twice a week and save them to a text delimited file. I also upload my leads twice a week to the autoresponder that I have setup with my letters. You are also able to space out the number of days that pass between each letter that is sent by the autoresponder.
The first time I went to collect my leads, I had over 1400 leads. The next day, I had over 1300. Two days later, I had over 4000. The next time I want to collect them, I had over 14,000 leads. I am averaging about maybe 5000 to 6000 leads per week now.

Needless to say the system is working. I still have some things I need to iron out. For example, I recently discovered that the links in my letters were not working so I had to spend one day this past week correcting the links so that they were clickable and went to my Purple Cowboy Marketing web site; not an error page.

When you upload the leads into the autoreponder, you select the type of Veretekk verification email you want sent out. I just learned today, during a training I was conducting with a customer, that the best verification email to use are either the Mars or Smart verification emails.

I am also looking at changing the content of the letters. I think they are too long. So, I will shorten them and make them a little easier for people to read quickly.

If interested in taking a look at the Veretkk system, you can create a free membership called a Silver membership. It will last you about 30 days. This is more than enough time to become somewhat familiar with the system. You will at least be able to attend the online trainings. At some point, it will become necessary for you to join as a paid member and I think there is a signup fee and and a monthly fee in the amount of $41.95 per month.

It is well worth the money, but of course you do need to learn how to use the system. To learn, you can attend the online trainings. I have never gone to the trainings other than the ones presented by one of the founders of the Purple Cowboy Marketing, Mo Youngs. I am also privy to be able to use a training web site created by one of the members in our company. In any event, the trainings are important because the system is a lot to learn and understand.

Once you do have your Veretekk account, you need to put yourself on a schedule so that you can continue to receive leads to your system. Like anything, when marketing your business, you need to be consistent in your efforts and Veretekk is no different.

If you want to take a look at it and maybe try it, here is the link: Click Here


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