Saturday, January 12, 2008

Success Comes in Baby Steps

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Another great week in network marketing!

Purple Cowboy's Offers Its First Effective Communication Course

Friday night, Purple Cowboy Marketing had their first training on how to effectively communicate with people. A number of people participated in the training course. Many were not members of Purple Cowboy Marketing, but the purpose of the training was to help people who are interested in communicating effectively with others. The training almost lasted three hours. I learned a lot during this training.

Tanya is the name of the trainer. She is an American who currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. She has trained individuals in a number of life skills. The include, communication, public speaking, public relations, and the field of psychic phenomena. Tanya is the author of the materials she delivers on these courses. A lot of fun learning is the way the courses are designed.

The course is called the CEO Seminar Pack, Communication: A Powerful Tool

The training was recorded and there will be subsequent courses offered over the following weeks. I look forward to participating in all of them. Learning how to better communicate with people is one of my primary goals for the new year.

I am also getting more visitors to my web site. This week I signed up more people into my business. I also awarded one of my members in my group by placing one of the new members into her downline. She deserved it. She has been working very hard and is gradually getting more people into her business. She told me today that more people have joined her in her business today. She is someone I believe who will do well. She has my drive and we are both about the same age.

Helping others make their dreams come true is one of the things I enjoy most about having a home-based business.

All I need are essentially four or five people who are doing exactly like me; working hard each day, bringing in more people every day. You may not think that having just four or five people can make you very, very successful. Let me share something with you. Not too long ago I was a member of Herbalife. I was a member for about 4 years. Well, the founder of the company, Mark Hughes brought in many thousands of people. But, out of all of those thousands, only about four or five stuck it out and gradually helped him to grow his business. Herbalife is a three to four billion dollar company today and this just based on a handful of people. Just goes to show you that you can accomplish a very successful business off a handful of people.

Retailing the Coffee

I am also a member of Gano Excel which sells coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mocha, etc. Gano Excel is one of the additional streams of income in Purple Cowboy Marketing. This Saturday I met with one of my new customers to give her a box of the classic black coffee she ordered. She has already asked me to order more. I placed another order today. Another customer, who received one of my business cards, emailed me and asked me to send her some samples. I did as she requested. I will be following up with her on Monday.

The Leads Just Keep Coming In From Veretekk

Veretekk continues to bring in more leads. Veretekk is a leads generating system. The last two times I checked the number of leads that had come through, on Wednesday I saw that over 14,000 leads had come in. Saturday, there were over 7000 leads. I uploaded the 14,000 leads into the autoresponder that is available in Veretekk. I am also getting requests from people to teach them how to setup their Veretekk accounts.

The Purple Cowboy Web Site

More members in my group are signing up into the other streams of income. I will soon have two or more people coming into my Gano Excel business and others are already signing up under me in DirectMatches and Veretekk. I am excited about what I am seeing in my business.


As you can see, my business is gradually growing. The reason is I am committed to doing income producing activities every day. I post to forums, participate in social networking sites, update my Veretekk account to keep the leads coming in, and much more.

If you want a successful business, you have to treat your business like it is a business; not like it is a hobby. Also, keep in mind that anything worth while is worth waiting for. Promises of making a lot of money in a short amount of time are usually empty promises. Hard work, persistence, consistence are what will pay you dividends in your business. It is not just your business that needs to grow to be successful; it is YOU who needs to grow. If you work harder on yourself than you do on your business, success can come sooner than later.


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