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Setting My Business Up For Success In The Upcoming New Year

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As the year of 2007 quickly comes to an end, I am still working very hard; even through the holidays. It has not been easy with all of the holiday parties and celebrations going on, but my eye is steadily focused on my goals and I am working on having a successful business. I know it won’t always be this way, but I am still early in my business and this means I have to make sacrifices. Once I have achieved success, I will have the momentum of my business to help carry me through. I will also have more money to invest in better types of advertising. So, while I am still in the struggling and poor stages of my business, I have to do whatever I can and sometimes this means working harder and smarter.

Gano Excel Coffee Business

I have been trying to use my Gano Excel products as a means to bring in some income to help fund my business. I have started giving out more samples and putting out my business cards.

Earlier this week, I received a phone call from a woman who had received my business card. She called to request some free samples. I sent the samples to her on Thursday. Hopefully, she should have received them on Friday or Saturday.

This Saturday, I spent about an hour putting out some coffee samples at people’s homes. I just about cleaned out all of my inventory of coffee, but this is ok. It was too much coffee and tea for me to drink. I still have quite a bit of coffee at my job, so I am fine and more will be coming in early in January.

Inside of the Christmas stockings with the coffee samples, I put my business card for Gano Excel that has my retail web site. Since the name of the web site was so long, I registered a domain name and pointed it to the url that was given by the company I am paying for the web site. My domain name is I think this will make it much easier for people to remember.

I recently created some business cards for Purple Cowboy Marketing and placed those inside the stockings too. $9.97MakeMoneyNow just released new business cards for us to purchase and I did buy 250 of them for 19.95. I should be getting them sometime next month, but in the meantime, I will be using the ones I created. I tried to copy what I had seen on $9.97MakeMoneyNow’s business cards. I am very close. I just copied the image and copied everything else; including the back of the business cards. My business cards should work fine until I get the ones that I ordered.

My Business

My business is gradually picking up each day, week, and month. I noticed Saturday that 4 more people visited my web site. I will be following up with them on Monday.

Early in my business, mostly one and maybe two would come in once a week. Now, I am seeing 3, 4, and even 5 visit my site in one day. This is due to my efforts where I am doing something every day to market my business and the more I get out there on the net, the more chances of have of attracting more visitors. I want to have my business in front of as many people as I can.

Veretekk, The Leads Generator

Many more people will be coming through to my web site because of Veretekk. I am a member of Veretekk. In fact, I am a Gold member. For those who don’t know about Veretekk, it is a leads generating site. There are available marketing techniques, that you learn through Veretekk’s trainings, that will help to bring tons of leads to your business. Veretekk is also one of $9.97MakeMoneyNow’s additional stream of income. This is how I became a member.

Just to show you how powerful Veretekk’s lead generating system is, one of the founders of Purple Cowboy Marketing, also known as $9.97MakeMoneyNow, is a member of Veretekk and also one of its trainers. He knows the system well and opted for one of the marketing methods available in Veretekk. By putting this marketing method into use, in one day, it brought 50 people to Purple Cowboy Marketing and 14 of them signed up.

Recently, Brad told me that this method is continuing to be used and it is bringing in tons of leads everyday; so many that they are placing many of these leads into other people’s within Purple Cowboy Marketing business. I am supposed to be getting 3 and others who are working hard will also be getting people placed in this business. This is very exciting.

Veretekk is also starting to help my business too. One of the members in Purple Cowboy Marketing, who just joined our business, has been a member of Veretekk for 2 years. She absolutely loves them and is even receiving a monthly check from them.

She, very kindly, created a web site that she made available to all of the members in Purple Cowboy Marketing. In her web site she explains how to setup Veretekk so that it brings in leads everyday. I started reading her web site and implementing her suggestions Saturday. I have only gotten half way through it. There is a lot of steps. Well, today when I went back to check and see how many leads I had, I was extremely surprised by what I discovered. I had 1425 leads and this is just from one day! I have not even gone through the whole training.

My next step is to put these leads into my emailer and in order to do this I have to create my letters that I want sent out. I already have letters that I used in another business’s autoreponder. All I have to do is change a few words here and there and I can copy them into Veretekk and be ready to ago.

Included in her Veretekk training is a schedule of what needs to be done every day of the week, Monday through Friday. I will start including Veretekk marketing into my 90 day plan.

Needless to say, I am extremely excited about the possibilities of what Veretekk can and probably will do for my business. I will continue to be persistent and consistent in my efforts with Veretekk. Included in the training it states that in order for this to work, you do have to be consistent. But, this is true of everything marketing plan.


I have nothing else to add at this time. It has been a busy week and I continue to treat my business as a business which means I am setting aside time each day, at least Monday through Saturday, doing something to help it to be successful. I will probably continue to work through the holidays, which is not easy with all of the parties and celebrations going on. But, this is the time of year when one should be working harder on their business because it helps to set the momentum for the new year and I want 2008 to be a fantastic year for my business.

Since it is the holiday season and this year is coming to a close, I want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and an Awesome 2008! Make your New Year’s resolution to NEVER GIVE UP! I know this is one of my New Year’s resolution and I intend to stick to it.


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