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Going Out With A Bang In 2008!

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This Christmas holiday I had some time off. I guess you can say I really needed it. I did not realize how tired I was, but during my vacation I have been sleeping until 10:00 or 10:30 in the morning almost every day.

I have also been working real hard on getting my business straightened out. I eliminated some of the programs I have been using to help promote my business. I did this because, one, they weren’t working and two, they were costing me money. I don’t believe in paying for something that is not working.

I have also been trying to catch up on some things that I got behind on. One of which was my forum posting. I am still a little behind because I am dealing with a problem tenant. I have not been happy with her, but that is another story; too long to go into the details in this blog. Maybe once I am working my business full time, I might start a blog on real estate investments.

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Mocha and Montgomery Alabama

My retail coffee business seems to be a bust right now. All of my hard work in putting out those samples stockings and I only received one phone call about it. I sent the woman some more samples and I see she still has not purchased anything.

It seems that many people here in Montgomery, Alabama are just not into buying things online nor are they interested in work from home opportunities. I can’t tell you how often I have tried to get these people interested in something other than a job.

When I was with Herbalife, I presented them the products as well as the business opportunity and there were no takers. All they wanted was either something free or cheap. Next, when I was briefly with Global Domain International (GDI), absolutely no one signed up and it only costs $10.00 per month to be a member. Go figure!

For a state that is rapidly growing, one would think that many of these people would grow too, but it looks like adapting to change is difficult for many people here. In Georgia, where I lived for about twelve to thirteen years, this state is no longer your typical southern state. It too has grown quite a bit and when I presented people with opportunities, I got many interested, some of whom signed up. In fact, many people there are looking for work from home opportunities because they are so tired of the rat race.

I think the growth and changes that are starting to occur, with many more to come has not hit the population here. But, change is inevitable. One can either choose to adapt to the changes or be forced to accepting the changes. Either way, it will happen whether one wants them or not. Home-based businesses is the fastest growing economic sector in North America so those who choose to get involved now and stick with it, are going to be very wealthy. Those who don’t will get left behind. It looks like many here are going to get left behind.

Veretekk, The Lead Generating Tool is Awesome!

Veretekk is working great! After completing the training that one of the Purple Cowboy members created, I am constantly getting more and more leads. I am currently pointing the leads to my 997MakeMoneyNow web site.

Over the week, five more people have joined me in my business. This means that I currently have over 30 people in my business.

The first day after completing the training, I had over 1400 leads. The next day, I had over 1300 leads. Two days later, I had over 2000 leads and yesterday I had over 4000 leads. What I am doing with these leads is uploading them into my autoresponder. I have created eight letters for my autoresponder that sends out these letters over the course of the month. The training teaches you how to do all of this, but this training is exclusive to 997MakeMoneyNow members.

Gano Excel is Now a Member of Purple Cowboy Marketing

I received some more exciting news yesterday. One of the founders of the company called me and told me that the number to affiliate in Gano Excel USA, is now a Purple Cowboy member. She will be helping us with our Gano Excel business, which is one of our streams of income.

Communication Training is Happening

We have a new member that joined us a couple of weeks ago. She is an American who currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. Her background is in teaching CEO’s and other heads of companies how to communicate. She had her own school and company for a number of years and she has traveled the world teaching people how to effectively communicate. Her trainings were written exclusively by her and many people have learned from her teachings.

Well, she is starting to develop a communication course for members of Purple Cowboy Marketing. Her trainings will be owned by Purple Cowboy Marketing. Once she has completed writing the course, which will be based on her existing trainings, just shorter, she and the founders of the company will be putting a schedule together whereby any 997MakeMoneyNow member who is interested in learning about how to communicate effectively with people can participate in her trainings.

I definitely will be signing up for this course. I have been a very shy person for many years and I have been working with computers for almost 20 years, so communication is not my strength. Being able to effectively communicate has always been a goal of mine, but I have not been able to find a course or book anywhere where I could learn this. Now I have a way, finally.


So, as you can see, a lot is going on in Purple Cowboy Marketing. With the help of Veretekk and the communication trainings, I can see that this will take my business to a new level. In addition, we will be getting a lot of help from Joan, who is the number two affiliate in Gano Excel. This will not only help me with my 997MakeMoneyNow business, but also my Gano Excel business. I look forward to 2008 because I believe I will finally be able to walk away from the J.O.B., and be able to do some things I have always wanted to do. In addition, I will be helping a lot of other people reach their goals too. This is just too awesome.

I think Purple Cowboy Marketing is the best home-based business opportunity on the internet. For just $9.97, which is for a lifetime membership, you get great trainings, mentorship, support and much more. I have not seen anything like this on the internet; not to mention the friendships I am developing. I am fortunate to have found such an opportunity.

Lastly, I want to wish all of you and your families a Very Happy New Year! See you in 2008.


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You had so many good points I need to discuss them with you personally. Which I hope to do today. Thank you for your honesty in your challenges. It let's me know it's not just ME! smile

Tara Colquitt
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