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If you are just starting an online network marketing business or you are just interested in boosting your network marketing business, this guide will hopefully help you.

First I will mention the steps one should take to be successful in network marketing.

  • Get A Mentor
  • Select Advertising Methods that Interest You the Most
  • Get into Action
  • Learn
  • Practice what you’ve learned
  • Be Creative
Get A Mentor

I have been in the network marketing business for only four months, but I have been a member of an MLM for almost four years. In each case, I had and currently have a mentor. I don’t think many people realize the importance of mentoring.

When you are starting a network marketing business, you will need someone to help guide you. You will not do well without a mentor. A mentor is usually someone who has already been through what you are currently going through. Therefore, it is wise to listen and follow your mentor’s instructions. In other words, you must be teachable. Your mentor is there to help and support you.

For those who are not familiar with the aspects of a network marketing business, it is wise to join one that offers a great deal of mentoring. Not only can a mentor guide you through the various aspects of the business, he or she can also provide motivation; which you will find you will need as you are building your network marketing business. Once you have the right mentoring, you can proceed to the next step: Selecting the right advertising methods for you.

Select Your Advertising Methods

There are many ways to advertise your business. If you are new to advertising, it can be confusing as well as overwhelming. Take some time to first learn about the different ways of advertising. Your mentor can be a big help in your decision process of selecting the most effective advertising as well as selecting methods that are most comfortable for you.

I always suggest selecting at least three advertising methods. This way, if one or two are not working, you will at least have one that is working. Once you have your three methods of advertising, you are ready to proceed to the next step: Get into Action.

Get into Action

When selecting an advertising method, the first thing to do is learn an advertising method; meaning read the materials on the subject. If you need help, use your mentor. He or she should be able to point you in the right direction to help get you started. Your mentor will more than likely train you on a number of advertising methods. Then once you have learned, put the advertising method into practice. Use the advertising method until you fully understand it. Once you feel comfortable with one advertising method, move on to another advertising method. You should continue to use the first advertising method, learning another one. At some point you will incorporate the newer method of advertising into your advertising arsenal.

Continue to do this until you have at least three methods of advertising. You can have more than three, but if you are new to network marketing, I suggest just doing the three for now until you understand the network marketing business. Once you have acquired a better understanding of everything, you can add more methods of advertising to help grow your business, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Just do enough advertising and advertise consistently should be more than enough to grow your business. Give a method of advertising at least 90 days to work. If one is not working well at that time, replace it with something else. Continue to do this until you have at least three that you know are working well for you.


As an online internet marketer, you need to be committed to ensuring your success. Remember, no one else but you can give yourself the necessary motivation needed to push yourself ahead. If you stick to your daily plan of activities, you can ensure your success. This means taking out the time each day to work on your internet business – stay consistent.

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