Sunday, December 9, 2007

Another Fun-Filled Week In Network Marketing

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I still need to make some improvements on my online videos and I am currently working on improving both of my blogs.

I just changed the topic of one of my blogs. My reason for making this change is because I felt that it did not make sense to have two blogs discussing the topic of network marketing.

This blog will continue to cover the topic of network marketing, but my other one, called Lawren’s Coffee Breakz, will cover my other business opportunity called Gano Excel. I joined this business opportunity because it is one of the additional streams of income for Purple Cowboy Marketing also known as $9.97MakeMoneyNow.

One of the other things I did with my blogs is I updated the keyword meta tag. I used Google keyword tool. Once I was able to narrow down the search, I added all of the keywords that were selected by the keyword tool and placed them into my keyword meta tag. I am hoping that this will improve the search engine results for my blogs. This was another reason I changed the topic of one of my blogs. I did not want my blogs competing against one another.

I Am A Member of

This week I registered for I am trying to get my business out everywhere on the internet and social networking sites are a very good way to do this so I have registered for a number of them; Squidoo, Digg, and now MySpace to name a few.

If you want to take a look at what I have done so far you can go to MySpace. I have not completed the setup nor have I spent much time looking around, but it does seem very interesting and there appears to be a lot that I can do within this site. I especially like the various online videos available. I will return next weekend and hopefully finish.

I was able to upload some of my personal pictures of my pets and my friends. I also created a blog. The will be concentrating myspace on $9.97MakeMoneyNow business opportunity.

Retailing the Coffee

I did get out this Saturday and placed a few of my Christmas stockings onto the mailboxes of some people’s homes. In the stockings I had my pens with my name and number advertising my Gano Excel business. When press on a button located on the pens, the pen lights up. I also placed a couple of samples in the stockings. In all of them I placed a sample of the regular gano coffee. But, in some, I placed the hot chocolate packets and in others I placed the 3 in 1 coffee. Just to see what kind of responses, if any, I will get from these prospects.

These are the only new events that took place this week. I continue to post to forums every day, post to forums and update some of the social networking sites. I plan on creating some additional videos for the other streams of income in Purple Cowboy Marketing. Time is something I don’t have available. I will be on vacation for a little over a week near the end of this month. This will allow me to catch up and even complete some of my outstanding tasks.

Complements From Others

One thing I might add is I have been getting quite a few complements some of the people I encounter on the internet. I have been told, on numerous occasions, that I seemingly have a lot of leadership qualities and that many think that I will become successful at some point.

I just hope they are right. I do spend a lot of time working on myself. I have been making phone calls to prospects and going putting out my flyers and product samples. These kind of activities I did not do because of my fear of people. But, this was in the past. It has become obvious to many people whom I encounter, as well as me, that I have grown. Although it still exists, my fear no longer prohibits me from stepping forth and doing the kinds of activities that will bring my business success.

Now, my attitude, I still have a lot of work to do on that. I still get negative and down. This is something I am constantly battling. I have not quite figured out how to overcome this. Reading does not help me and listening to tapes or audios doesn’t either. I tend to tune out or my mind goes off someplace and I lose focus of whatever it is that I am reading or listening to. Maybe if I listen to audios while sleeping, maybe I can sneak in these trainings into my subconscious. I really don’t know. This is the conundrum I am facing at this point in my business, but I will keep working on it and hopefully will find some way to improve my negative attitude.

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