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Work Harder on Yourself and Success Will Come

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Focus On Income Producing Activities:

Since my move, I am slowly getting back on track with my marketing. I am posting to forums, updating my blogs weekly, updating my social networking sites periodically, and placing ads in free advertising websites. More visitors are hitting my website each week.

Since I am still in the early stages of my business, it will take more work and more time until I have achieved momentum in my business where I do not have to put in quite as much time as I am currently. I will still always need to engage in marketing efforts in order to continue to grow my business, but by doing the ground work now, I will be able to accomplish the same kind of results in half the time say after 2 or 3 years of marketing my business.

In two or three years, three to four hours will be all that is required to market my business. Of course by then, I will need to setup times for live trainings or one-on-one trainings and such, but these too can be setup based on my availability. I also hope at some point to get an assistant and/or secretary to answer phone calls. I am basing this on other successful work at home entrepreneurs I have encountered. Many successful entrepreneurs have more freedom because they have learned how to delegate work to others who can help them in their business. This too is my goal. This also means I have much to do and much to learn.

Changing My Thinking to Think Positively:

One of the other things I am attempting to work on is my mindset. I tend to stay on the dark side; meaning I tend to focus more on the negative instead of the positive.

I run almost every day; except for Saturday. I recently had a phone call from one of the owners of Purple Cowboy Marketing. He said that what I should start doing, while I am running on my treadmill, is to think about me making $40,000 or more per month effortlessly. He said that I do not need to do this kind of thinking throughout the day, but by taking some time out of my day to focus on something positive, will help me when I am distracted by problems or confronted with difficult situations in my life.

I was a member of an MLM for almost 4 years and although I did well for a little while, and I still failed, one of the things I was taught by Jim Rohn is that if you work harder on yourself than you do your business, you will have a successful business. It took me a while to fully understand this concept.

Now, I can see how this can be true. Most people who start a home-based business have little to no skills for running a business; let alone a successful business. This means that new business owners should focus on acquiring skills; such as managing finances, marketing, sales, effective communication and other business skills. Without these business skills, how can one expect to manage or grow a business? But, many people do believe they can still have a successful business without any skills. I attribute this to the fact that no one has informed these new home-based business owners the truths about needing skills in place for a running business. Instead, many new work at home business owners are made empty promises and given unrealistic goals.

Inevitably, the person who introduced the new work from home business owner to the business opportunity, moves on to continue his or her recruiting of other members and the new member who was just brought in to the business opportunity is left on their own. There is usually little to no training given to new recruits. So, is it a wonder why so many fail at work from home businesses?

The reality is that to have a successful home-based business or any business for that matter, one needs some business skills in place. I suggest that when one starts a business, immediately begin reading or taking classes on advertising, selling, marketing, communication, and any other skills that are necessary. Once you develop and apply these skills, one will begin to see growth in their business.

The 3D's:

Along with these business skills, there are some additional inner qualities that are necessary. When one encounters problems in their business or situations that may be difficult in overcoming, these qualities will either make or break you. It is almost a guarantee that problems or difficult situations in your business will surface. This is where one will need to develop problem solving skills.

I have been reading one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books where he talks about the 3D’s. The 3D’s are: a Dream, Dedication, and Drive. Without the 3D’s, it is almost a guarantee that one will fail in business. It is these skills that will carry you through difficulties and problems that invariably will pop-up throughout the lifetime of a business owner. So, if you don’t already have these skills, I suggest you start developing them first; before any other business skills because if you are to have anything in the way of a business, these qualities must already be in place.


In conclusion, if you want to be able to work at home and have success at it, focus on building your business skills, not only those skills; such as, managing finances, sales, marketing, communication, and such, but also focus on developing your inner qualities. The inner qualities I am speaking are a dream, dedication, and drive. If all of these skills are in place and you are working on income producing activities each and every day, in no time you will be running a lean, mean money making machine, from within your home. You will be well on your way towards achieving the goal of having lifestyle and freedom for you and your family. Just be sure to dream big!


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