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Do What the Top Performing Network Marketers Do

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Today I am going to share with you something I recently learned. As business owners, more specifically, as business owners involved in network marketing, we often encounter frustrations with trying to find leaders or serious business builders. There are numerous reasons why it is so hard to find quality business partners. In this article, I will attempt to explain why this is and what should be done to solve this problem. Once I do explain, I believe you will agree that this solution is so obvious, but because of what we are taught, the obvious has become not so obvious.

First, when we join a network marketing business, for those of us who are fortunate enough to find a business opportunity that offers trainings, what are we taught to do to grow our business? Well, since I can’t speak for you, I will tell you what I was taught when I joined my first network marketing business.

When I started my first network marketing business, I was taught to talk to my warm market, make a list. This list not only included my family and friends, but also people I encounter throughout my daily life; such as, the mailman, dentist, hair stylist, etc. Other marketing methods I was taught, to help me grow my business, was to put out fliers, place newspaper ads, host home parties, and do one-on-one presentations.

Although, these marketing methods do work, the problem is that using these methods takes us through rabbit trails where we encounter people who are more curious than serious about building a business. These encounters lead to frustrations. As a serious business builder, I value my time and, maybe like you, I prefer to deal only with serious business builders. I do not want to waste my time with folks who are shopping and hopping around from one home business to another. If you are a serious business builder, you know that building a business requires a lot of work, persistence, consistence, and more work. Often in the past as well as in the present, I have had to deal with individuals who think they want a business. They know they want freedom and wealth, but doing all of the work and making all of the required sacrifice is too hard for them. Luckily, we only need a handful of leaders in our business to make our businesses successful. How do we, as serious business builders, avoid the curious and get to those leaders, the people who know what they want and know how to go get it?

The single most powerful, productive, and quickest way to build a large network marketing downline requires you to recruit from a target market. The target market , by definition, are people who have already exhibited the desire to buy what you are selling or, in this case, to do that which you are promoting, which in this case is network marketing.

First and foremost, what is our objective? To make money and ideally we want to be profitable as quickly as possible. Now what do you think is the best way to make a business profitable as quickly as possible? Do you think it is by contacting friends and family? Do you think it is by running classified ads or putting out fliers on cars? As a business owner, if you are smart, crafty, cunning and you think logically and rationally, and most importantly, if you have studied the network marketing industry and you copied what other people did before you who have proven is a successful strategy, what you would do as a business owner is find free agents, heavy hitters. These are men and women who have proven that they can build large downlines because they have done it in their past and they are looking for another opportunity to join. Why? Maybe because the program they are with is experiencing problems, sales are plummeting or perhaps the company they have been with has shutdown.

If you find these people and bring them into your program, hopefully, your home business has some special incentives for the top performers in your business; such as, extra commissions or bonuses. Network marketers have what? They have been sold on network marketing and they understand how the industry works to the degree that they are a lot more educated and knowledgeable of what this industry entails and what it is all about. More importantly, you bring in network marketers and the odds are overwhelming that they know some other network marketers that they too can recruit, which means basically, they too will be hitting their target market.

This is what the top performing network marketers do; they built their downlines quickly by recruiting from within the industry. This makes common sense.

This strategy has or is becoming a mantra throughout the network marketing industry. To get your business growing quickly is to get yourself a list of network marketers, a genealogy report, or distributor list, etc. Pick up the phone, start making those calls, do the 30 second pitch, get about a 30% or 35% “yes” ratio, get those people a host of marketing tools, follow-up, and close them. This strategy will be applicable 10, 20, 30 years or more because these are the strategies that work. It doesn’t change. This is the basics, these are the fundamentals that work.

This is what the top performing network marketers do in network marketing. But to make this method work, you must apply it correctly and consistently. When it doesn’t work, most people will tend to blame the leads, the mentor, the teachings, the company, or the industry.

If you hit your target market and do it correctly, if you have persuasive sales and marketing tools, if the company you represent is appealing, you are rich! That is how you succeed in network marketing. This is what the top performing marketers do. They have been doing this for decades and they will be doing it for many years to come.

If your desire is to make big money in network marketing, then do what the top performing marketers do, recruit from within the industry and when done correctly, you are on your way.


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