Saturday, March 22, 2008

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Each week that goes by, I see myself growing more and more. This week was the first time I did the live training for the business opportunity I am a member of, called $9.97MakeMoneyNow, also known as Purple Cowboy Marketing.

I was asked to do the live training by my sponsor. He and his family were going on vacation this week for spring break. He wanted to spend some time with his wife and four kids. I said that I would, but in the back of my mind I was already thinking “Can I really do this?”

The reason I accepted the offer from my sponsor to do the training is because I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to work on developing my leadership and communication skills. I often have thoughts of the kind of leader I want to be some day and this is the time I need to work on myself so that I can one day achieve my goal of being a leader.

Another reason why I accepted is, at some point, as my company grows, I am going to need to start my own trainings. I don’t see the founders of the company continuing to train everyone’s group. That would be too much for them.

Everyone who starts a business should expect to become a leader and expect to attain more leadership roles. I look forward to the time when I can start my own trainings. This is because by the time I am training the members in my group, I am probably already at a point in my business where I am successful. I will also have already established myself as a leader within my group. After I have achieved the role of a leader in my company, my next step is to find the leaders in my company. To accomplish this, I will probably go through the very same steps the founders in $9.97MakeMoneNow did when they found me and others like me.

Since I have been involved in the work from home industry, I often see so many people jumping from one business to another. I suspect they are looking for that one opportunity that is going to make them rich. Most people, erroneously, feel that they are not making money because of the product or service. They believe that if they find the right opportunity, then things will change.

The truth of the matter is, it is not the business opportunity or the products or services. In actuality, it is the individual who is at fault. They lack the necessary skills to grow a business to the level of success. In order to have success in your business, you must possess sells, marketing, and effective communication skills.

There are other skills that are necessary to managing a business, but to get your business started on the right path, sells, marketing, and effective communication skills are a must. Once one has acquired these skills, other skills, knowledge and success will soon follow.

Once one stops blaming others, then one can begin the process of focusing on the real problem. The next is discovering where to go to learn these skills. There are courses one can attend to learn these skills. There are also books and online resources that will teach one these skills.

I still have much to learn in these areas, but I am well on my way because I not only have started learning the subjects from books and online resources, but I have been putting into practice what I have learned. I do this by doing what is uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable; such as, participating as a leader on training calls.

Learning new skills can be challenging at first, but once you dispel the negative thoughts, and apply yourself to the task at hand, you’ll soon discover that fear can no longer hold you back. You will have found that you now have the power within you to do whatever you set your mind to. You are now the master salesperson, the master marketer, and the master communicator. No one but you can stand in your way of success.


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